Images of Flaregas Grade level and Elevated Staged Matrix Flares

Flaregas staged matrix flares are designed to burn very large quantities of gas smokelessly through-out the entire operating range.

Smokeless performance is achieved using high pressure, high turbulence burners, arranged in a matrix so that combustion air is available to each burner. These flares can be used to burn a very wide range of gases smokelessly.

This grade level unit has a design capacity of more than 3,000,000 lb/h, all flows completely smokeless. It has about 600 burners, arranged in 7 stages.


  Smokeless turn-down is enhanced by staging the flow to the unit. This ensures that the minimum of burners are in operation at any time, keeping the pressure in the operational stage high enough to provide sufficient turbulence so that the flare will be smokeless throughout its entire operating range.

A typical large matrix flare will have from 6 to 8 stages, using fast-acting, tight shut-off butterfly valves with rupture disk bypass to divert gas to each successive stage.

Matrix flare design requires that particular attention be made to the layout of the flare to ensure that sufficient air gets to each burner. The layout can be tailored to the topography of the location, and the flames can be hidden from sight by berms, sight fences, or a combination of the two
These images are of the burners and manifolds during construction
they will later be covered with a layer of gravel for radiation protection


This image shows an elevated staged matrix flare system, installed in refinery service. A significant benefit of putting the burner matrix in an elevated structure is that it becomes more compact since combustion air more easily brought to each of the burners. The plot area taken up by the system is also much reduced.

Although most matrix flares use non-assisted burner systems which use the pressure of the waste gas in specially designed high pressure burners to promote smokeless combustion, they can also be designed with assisted (steam or air) burners in cases where the waste gas is only available at low pressure.


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