Flaregas Corporation was organized in 1971 to develop, design and market flare and other combustion equipment throughout the western hemisphere. Since that time we have grown into a fully integrated engineering and design company whose markets have expanded from the American continent to embrace the entire world. We are an independent U.S. privately owned company dedicated to serving the oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries with a conscious effort towards improving safety while reducing pollution and energy wastage.

Flaregas houses its four divisions (Flaregas, Quietflo, Panelfab, Systems Engineering) in a new office complex in Nanuet, New York. This location is approximately 30 miles from New York City and less than an hour from all three New York airports. A complete team of design engineers, field engineers, project engineers and drafters is maintained at Flaregas along with all the back-up services normally associated with an engineering company. A storage and assembly facility was opened in 1978 to produce small parts, pilots, control panels, and assembly of skid-mounted combustion equipment. This facility also maintains a complete spare parts inventory to assure our customers an efficient maintenance back-up service.

In 1986, sensing the beginnings of increased activity in our industries in Europe, Flaregas organized two affiliated companies, one headquartered just outside Paris - named E.E.T Sarl (Energy, Environment, Technology) and the other headquartered close to Bonn - E.E.T. Umwalt- und Gastechnik GmbH. These companies are devoted to the same endeavors that we pursue elsewhere. This increase in our presence in Europe has provided better coverage for Flaregas activities not only in Europe, but also in the Middle East and other areas.

Our technical computing, drafting, complete accounting procedures and word processing are performed on our state of the art computer and communications network. We also maintain direct access to other main frame computers through telecommunications for some specialty programs. Application engineering for all products is automated using micro computers running our proprietary software together with industry standard structural and piping design software developed to ensure fast and accurate responses to our customer's needs.


A brief description of the products and services offered by Flaregas Corporation is as follows:


Flaregas designs complete Integrated Flare Systems
Fabrication is sub-contracted to pre-qualified fabricators

Elevated and Ground Flares

Grade level and elevated staged matrix flare systems

Specialized combustors for Landfill, Sewage, Water treatment plants

Packaged automatic loading facility flares

Burn Pit Flares, Smokeless, Non-Smokeless and Liquid

Smokeless Flares using steam,  air,  gas assist and high pressure

Offshore Sonic Flares

Flare Tips

Manual, Semi-Automatic and fully Automatic Ignition Systems

Pilot and Main Flare Flame Failure Panels

Water Seals, Gas Seals and Knock-Out Drums

Design of Guyed,   Self Supported
        and   Derrick Supported Towers

Flaretrim Automatic Steam Control System

Flare Gas Recovery Units

Complete Relief and Flare Systems Re-Vamps for modernization
       and Energy Savings

QUIETFLO Noise Control Division

Vent Silencers
Line Silencers
Blower Inlet and Discharge Silencers
Pressure Reduction Silencers
Fan and Compressor Intake and Exhaust Silencers
Burner Silencers
Engine and Gas Turbine Noise Control Systems
Engineering Studies for Noise Control and vibration analysis

 PANELFAB DIVISION Electrical control panel engineering and assembly
Machine controls
Field panels
Starter panels
Explosion proof housings
Specialty housings and skids
Valve trains, piped, wired and mounted with electric or pneumatic       controls

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