Flaregas designs several different types of ground flares, both enclosed and open pit type. Most enclosed flares of high capacity are rectangular, but cylindrical units are used for lower design capacities.


These two images show rectangular design ground flares, 80ft overall length, 20ft wide and 60ft tall
approximate flare capacity of this size unit is 50 Te/h

These two images show the inside of the ground flares shown above. The burners in this case are steam assisted for olefins service, and the images show the modular ceramic fiber block used for insulation of the inside walls of the unit. Also note the pilots which are located adjacent to the burners

This image shows the inside of a rectangular, high capacity ground flare with non-assisted burners

This 10Te/h capacity unit is equipped with emissions monitoring ports and special air inlet for noise control

Flaregas ground flares can be designed with emissions very nearly as low as incinerators. This unit was guaranteed to provide a combustion efficiency of better than 99.99% in chemical plant service


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