designs and subcontracts the fabrication of all types of elevated flare systems
guy-supported, self-supported, derrick supported, clustered, de-mountable, steam, gas or air assisted, sonic and non-assisted


  This is an image of a clustered flare, with multiple gas risers and flare tips. The stack is self-supporting, with both steam and non-assisted flare tips


 A guy-supported air-assisted smokeless flare. Flaregas air assisted flares are co-axial, with the gas passing to the flare tip in the inner gas riser.

The air for smokeless combustion is provided by low pressure air assist fans located at the base of the stack, and conducted to the flare tip in the annular space between the gas riser and the outer air duct. The outer air duct becomes the structural support for the stack, which can be self-supported, guy-supported or supported using a derrick structure - normally depending on the height of the flare

Another image of a Flaregas air-assisted smokeless flare. Our air assisted flares can be designed for very high smokeless capacity, and can also be designed with partial steam assist to enhance smokeless combustion of very heavy gases


Although Flaregas does not have a construction division, our engineers can provide services in an advisory capacity, providing guidance during erection, start-up and/or operator training.



Our engineers will discuss erection methods with construction subcontractors during the design phase of the flare system to ensure compatibility with the erection subcontractors methods and equipment.


Self-supported flares can frequently be erected in one piece with very limited modification to the structural design. In these images, a 175ft tall self-supported air-assisted smokeless flare system is being lifted in one piece after being put together horizontally on the ground. All of the piping laders, and platforms are installed on the stack prior to lifting.



Flaregas designs de-mountable derrick structures which permit multiple flares to be supported from a single structure. The system allows each flare to be mounted and de-mounted for maintenance without shutting the other flares on the structure down

In these images, a 60" diameter steam assisted flare tip, labyrinth gas seal and riser are being mounted on a structure 145m overall height, with the 60" diameter flare shown on the right side in service


   Top section with 60" tip and gas seal being lifted
 note flare in operation on right side of derrick

Image showing "canting" operation of stack section



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