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Design & Manufacturing of Elevated and Ground Flare Systems 

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Products & Services

Flaregas designs complete integrated flare systems.
Fabrication is sub-contracted to pre-qualified fabricators

-Elevated and Ground Flares

-Grade level and elevated staged matrix flare systems

-Burn Pit Flares, Smokeless, Non-Smokeless and Liquid

-Smokeless Flares utilizing steam, air, or gas assist

-Offshore Sonic Flares

-Flare Tips

-Manual and Automatic Ignition Systems

-Pilot and Main Flare Flame Failure Panels

-Water Seals, Gas Seals and Knock-out Drums

-Design of Guyed, Self-Supported and Derrick Flares

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Quietflo Division

Industrial Silencers and Diffusers

Quietflo Division of Flaregas offers various Industrial Silencers for Steam & Gas Systems

Vent Silencers

For the reduction of excessive noise caused by the atmospheric discharge of high pressure gases and steam.

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In-Line Silencers & Diffusers

For the reduction of excessive noise from pressure reduction systems for steam, gas, or air.

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Inlet & Exhaust Stack Silencers

Noise reduction for centrifugal compressors, blowers and engines. Silencers for rotary and axial fans are available, especially designed to reduce the flow frequency noise generated at the blade passing frequency.

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